Awutuman Home, was developed in order to provide a chance for people around the world, who have been suffering, exploited or are at risk, to feel welcome.

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Awutuman Home was founded in December 2017, in Ghana.
Our goal is to give hope to the most disadvantaged children and families through assistance, support and development programs that offer them a better future.
In Africa, social problems have increased at an alarming rate due to poverty, HIV / AIDS, various diseases, droughts and conflicts.
Among other social problems, the number of orphans, special needs and vulnerable children is increasing rapidly.
Awutuman Home is an orphanage registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare.
Our specific objective is to eliminate child prostitutionthe exploitation of children, the abandonment of children, reduce the number of street children and provide education for children and families together with a help desk for families.
Cosmin Rovera manages the daily management of Awutuman Home, based in Ghana, in a small village called Bawjiasi.

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We are always looking for volunteers to help out at Awutuman Home.

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